miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013


We Ribbit: Deep.teknik

Deep Teknik is the artistic name of this awesome DJ who has been in the music scene for almost 20 years.

He plays his music in pubs and free parties, also for the last couple of years hehas been making his own sets on web radios, you can find some examples here: http://radiocapsule.com

Deep Teknik plays at his own web channel, we can hit some of his mixs here http://www.mixcloud.com/DrCHERAZ/ and catch him on http://podcast3979524184.podomatic.com/ 

This is our ribbit for now. Thanks Deep Teknik!

viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

Martin Bergesio (Dj)

We ribbit: Martin Bergesio

He defines his style as part House, part Tech House & some Techno, music he really loves: “I always play BPM 124-128 so the dance floor explodes and people have fun until sunrise”.

He has lots of experience with live sets and recorded as well. Has played over the past  five years with Ale Lacroax and Sonny Lauret (Ibiza, Spain), and is also a Resident DJ on Piaf Bar (Rio Cuarto,  Argentina).

We can enjoy a few examples of his sets here: https://soundcloud.com/martinbergesio .
Martin recommends us this Djs to follow and enjoy: Martin Huergo, Facu Carri, Guille Perez, Nadia Popoff & Ezequiel Esley.

This is our ribbit for now. Thanks Martin!

“People we ribbit”

Hi Peeps! “People we ribbit” is a new project inspire by Shamy McFrogus, our muse and leader, with this project we intented to bring you news about great professionals who develop their skills and creatiribbity in different areas: Musicians, Photographers, VJs, Djs, writers, painters, directors…  everyone who has something interesting for us  to review and share.
If you want to recommend us someone who you ribbit let us know at: eldeliriomistico@gmail.com
Until next time, we ribbit you!

Pic #15 (Valencia, Spain)

Welcome 2013!

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